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If you are looking for the best priced Computer Lenses, Computer Eyewear and Computer Glasses, you came to the right place. is the top destination of all individuals looking for the best priced and fashionable eyeglasses online. Take note, that we only offer the best quality, top of the line computer eye glasses in the market today. On this website you will find designer, gaming, Essilor, prescription eyeglasses that are well-priced, but are in fashion. Don’t know if you have to wear them? Well, if you use your computer daily and have experienced eye fatigue while using it, you definitely need to wear them. This is specially true for computer gamers out there who use their computers for hours everyday. Read the entries below and find out how important computer lenses are, especially if you work in front of the computer daily.
What are Computer Lenses?

Unlike conventional reading glasses, computer glasses or lenses are special in their own way. Its lenses are made of special glass with a special coating that deflects UV rays that are emitted by the computer screen. These special lenses have a special coating called anti-reflective coating that stops the computer glare from reaching your eyes. This coating is applied on both sides of the lens for special eyeglasses which are used for work that involve high light frequencies. An ophthalmologist may add variation to the prescription power to be used on your glasses in occasions when you work further from your computer screen.

Why Wear Computer Glasses?

Computer lenses

Computer glasses do not only improve your vision while using your computer, it can also free you from the symptoms of eyestrain. Eyestrain symptoms include blurred eye sight, red eyes and headaches. Not only these, but computer lenses can also help you in avoiding computer vision syndrome (CVS). CVS is characterized by the same symptoms indicated above which are resulted by gazing through the computer screen for a very long time. In a study conducted by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the prevalence of CVS amounts to up to 90 percent of computer users who use their computers for more than 3 hours a day.

How to Choose the Best Computer Eyewear for me?

Do you want to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of staring into your computer screen for long periods of time? Then, you’ll need computer lenses. If you have a visual impediment, you’ll need to wear prescription eyeglasses. If you don’t know your visual grade yet (for those who’ve never worn eyeglasses in the past), you will have to drop by an ophthalmologist’s office. Your ophthalmologist may have to look into your eyes through a Phoropter (weird looking eye equipment that tests your eyes’ refraction errors). Once your ophthalmologist determines your eyesight grade, you will be given a prescription indicating which glasses you need, however take note of the usual distance your eyes are from your computer when you use it. This information is vital specially if you work in a small office where you have to be near your computer screen.

computer eyewear

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