Computer Glasses and Eyestrain

computer glassesEvery year, more and more individuals experience eyestrain from using their gadgets, including computers, tablets and mobile phones. Because of the convenience these gadgets offer, many students, employees and working professionals are unknowingly damaging their vision from looking at their computer screens for extended amount of time.

Why Use Computer Glasses

What many do not understand about computer glasses is its ability to protect the eyes from the harmful blue lights digital screen produce. With this said the question arises, what harmful effects does blue lights cause that everyone should know about? Many studies claim, that blue lights has little to no effect if someone is exposed to it for a short period of time. However, if someone is exposed to it for a longer amount of time, that person may experience restlessness and difficulty of sleeping.

How Do Computer Lenses Protect Your Eyes?

Computer glasses are built to provide the eyes a wider range of visual field. It also screen blue lights through its special coating, preventing the blue lights from reaching the eyes. Some computer glasses manufacturers like GUNNAR even claim that their specialized computer lenses create better image contrast which makes it great for gamers who spend hours and hours in front of their TV’s and computers.

Should I Get a Prescription Computer Lenses?

If you have a prescription glasses now and you work in front of computers all the time, getting yourself a prescription computer glasses is beneficial. This is especially true for hardcore gamers, computer programmers and everyone who spend extended hours in front of their gadgets.

Where to Buy Your Eyewear

Computer glasses can be purchased online or at stores. Depending on your choice, make sure that you only buy computer glasses from sellers who specialize with computer glasses.

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