Computer Lenses Design

gunnar computer glasses

If you already wear reading glasses while working on your computer and you still suffer from symptoms like headaches, teary eyes and blurred vision, you could be suffering from eye fatigue or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). The problem with generic reading glasses is the fact that these eyeglasses were not designed and created with the features most computer eyewear designers brands have which do not only protect your eyes from the symptoms mentioned above but also improve your visual performance.

What is CVS and why Should I Worry About It?

According to  National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health the prevalence of Computer Vision Syndrome is extremely high. In the study conducted of the said medical group, they found out that 90 percent of individuals who work in front of their computers for more than 3 hours a day suffer from this syndrome. These statements only affirm that CVS can happen to anyone who uses digital equipment like computers, TV, smartphones and tablets. This is why, it’s of high importance that these individuals protect their eyes through computer lenses design that were manufactured by computer lenses designers who have a wide experience in producing the top of the line computer eyewear.

Which Computer Glasses Design to Wear?

Thanks to the cutting edge technology available today, there are several designer computer eyewear choices to choose from. There are several styles and designs to choose from. There is the computer gaming eyewear design for those who play online games for several hours a day. Computer prescription glasses for those who suffer from visual acuity problems, that need to be corrected and of course computer lenses that can be worn in different environments for individuals with a busy lifestyle and who work from one place to another.

Essilor Computer Lenses Design

essilor computer lenses

Essilor produces some of the top of the line computer lenses being sold in the market today. With their anti-fatigue technology eyeglasses with Essilor lens have become one of the best computer glasses designs. It has features like “power boost”, which is especially created for those who are suffering from visual acuity problems, but have to work on their computers for several hours a day. Essilor Computer lens are also available for those who look to improve and enhance their vision while working. These lenses feature larger intermediate area, which make it easier for the user to see a larger portion of the screen while the edges of the computer are ignored.

Gunnars Computer Eyewear Design

gunnar computer eyewear

Gunnar Optiks produces high end computer lenses and glasses. This company is known for their computer glasses designers who designed the best computer lenses which involve the use of cutting-edge-technology like i-AMP technology which include Lens Geometry Fractyl, Lens Material Diamix, Lens Tints Ionik, and Lens Coating i-Fi. These features are most important for gamers who game on their computers for long periods of time everyday.

Most  computer eyewear designers who produce computer eyewear are those that are experts in ergonomics, making their products of the highest quality and have been proven effective against CVS and eye fatigue. If you experience any CVS or eye fatigue syndrome while or after using your computers, If you are worried by the symptoms of CVS, now is the perfect time to start wearing computer eyewear by designers that know computer lenses and glasses so you can protect your vision from further deterioration.