Computer Glasses for Gaming

computer eyewear for gaming

If you are looking for the best priced computer lenses for gaming, then you have come to the right place. Computer Lenses offers a wide array of computer eyewear that you can choose from. We offer branded gaming glasses like Essilor and Gunnars. If you are worried about the headaches you get from playing your computer games for extended period of hours everyday, now is the perfect time to wear computer lenses to protect and enhance your vision.


What are Gaming Eyewear?

gaming eyewear

Gaming glasses are special eyewear that are designed for computer gamers. Its primary purpose is to reduce the eye strain brought by staring at computer screens and television for extended and prolonged hours. Most computer lenses for gaming are tinted with yellow since this color is very effective in deflecting the harmful high frequency blue lights emitted by computer and television screens.

Why wear them? 

If you or your child are in front of your computer screen for a prolonged period of time, your eyes may experience fatigue which can bring a wide array of symptoms that affect your over all work or gaming performance. The prevalence of eye fatigue symptoms brought by constantly staring at the computer screen is very high around the world. No one is exempted unless one does not use digital equipment for their work or entertainment. In this age, these are not possible, hence the alternative is a much welcomed solution – computer lenses for gaming. This type of eyewear does not only eliminate the symptoms of eye fatigue, it also improves overall visual performance and acuity, making it one of the most sought after eye equipment in the digital world.

Gunnar Computer Eyewear for Gaming

computer glasses for gaming

Gunnar Optiks carries a wide variety of advanced gaming eyewear. These types of computer glasses are special since it creates great visual experience aiming to provide better visual efficiency, recovery and endurance. It’s aim is to combat eye fatigue symptoms and CVS for avid gamers out there. All Gunnar computer lenses for gaming are designed to reduce glare which improves the user’s visual focus. Their computer glasses for gaming also have improved ergonomic fit since these glasses are lightweight, with adjustable nose pads for style and comfort for different facial shapes. Unlike most generic gaming glasses in the market, Gunnars offer their users RX compatible computer lenses for those with visual acuity problems. In their RX program, Gunnar Optiks have partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision.

Shapes of Computer Eyewear for Gaming

All gaming glasses are designed to have curved lenses to minimize air circulation which causes teary eyes. The curved shaped lenses allow better humidity in the controlled environment providing the eyes with just the right amount of moisture that prevents any type of irritation.

Tint of Most Computer Glasses for Gaming

Most eyeglasses that are meant for gaming  feature amber tinted lenses that limit blue light frequencies from entering the eyes. Amber colored tints are also best in deflecting harsh fluorescent which can cause the eyes some harm. This feature allows the eyes greater focus and enhanced performance during gaming marathon sessions.