Computer Glasses and Eyestrain

computer glassesEvery year, more and more individuals experience eyestrain from using their gadgets, including computers, tablets and mobile phones. Because of the convenience these gadgets offer, many students, employees and working professionals are unknowingly damaging their vision from looking at their computer screens for extended amount of time.

Why Use Computer Glasses

What many do not understand about computer glasses is its ability to protect the eyes from the harmful blue lights digital screen produce. With this said the question arises, what harmful effects does blue lights cause that everyone should know about? Many studies claim, that blue lights has little to no effect if someone is exposed to it for a short period of time. However, if someone is exposed to it for a longer amount of time, that person may experience restlessness and difficulty of sleeping.

How Do Computer Lenses Protect Your Eyes?

Computer glasses are built to provide the eyes a wider range of visual field. It also screen blue lights through its special coating, preventing the blue lights from reaching the eyes. Some computer glasses manufacturers like GUNNAR even claim that their specialized computer lenses create better image contrast which makes it great for gamers who spend hours and hours in front of their TV’s and computers.

Should I Get a Prescription Computer Lenses?

If you have a prescription glasses now and you work in front of computers all the time, getting yourself a prescription computer glasses is beneficial. This is especially true for hardcore gamers, computer programmers and everyone who spend extended hours in front of their gadgets.

Where to Buy Your Eyewear

Computer glasses can be purchased online or at stores. Depending on your choice, make sure that you only buy computer glasses from sellers who specialize with computer glasses.

Computer Glasses That Work

Are you one of those people who wear the same glasses for all types of activities? Reading, driving, and while using your computer. Don’t get me wrong, but let me tell you something, you are doing it wrong. Here’s why.

Do you remember your anatomy class years ago explaining how the eyes perceive or see images? Yes, you are right. Almost everything the eyes see were created by the reflection of light onto the object which then reaches the cornea. Since different environments have different lighting, wearing the same glasses sometimes do not work to protect the eyes against the harsh light that enters it. This results to multiple possible side effects such as eye fatigue and dryness.

Because of this, many computer glasses and computer lenses makers have designed different types of eyeglasses that protect the eyes from the harmful blue lights most computer screens emit. These computer lenses also balance the hue or the contrast of the computer screen into something that the eyes can tolerate very well.

If you are someone who wish to protect their vision through the use of computer lenses, this is the time to get yourself a pair of these glasses. Below are just some of the most popular computer glasses in the market today.

computer glasses

What are the different types of Computer Glasses Coatings?

computer glasses layersComputer glasses are built and designed to help the eyes alleviate the symptoms brought by staring at digital screens for extended amount of time. Most commonly, individuals who stare at their computer screens for extended time suffer from symptoms such as headaches, dry eyes and red eyes. Many individuals get confused with what type of coatings and layers to get for their new computer glasses. To help out here is the list of the most common coatings present in most computer lenses.

Anti Glare Coating

Computer lenses with anti-glare coating helps the eyes from preventing glares produced by digital screen from reaching the eyes. This type of coating helps prevent eye strain by disallowing blue lights from entering into the retina.

Anti Reflective Coating

This coating helps in preventing reflections from entering the eyes. This is especially crucial for those who work in darkly lit rooms.

Colored coatings

Many Gaming lenses or glasses include specially colored layers or coatings that improve the contrast of everything on the screen while blocking the blue lights from entering the retina. For all the gamers out there, image quality is their biggest concern when choosing computer lenses, but many computer glasses manufacturer like GUNNARS give immediate resolution through their especially colored glasses coatings. If you need to get a financial plan and don’t find the right place tale a look into bad credit loans canada.

Do Computer Glasses Really Work?

computer glasses really workIn many computer related forums and message boards that we have read for the past few weeks, we have noticed the increasing number of individuals who ask the same questions and that question is: Do Computer Glasses Really Work? To answer this question effectively, one must also justify his purpose of wearing them. Does this individual wear computer glasses to protect his eyes from the glares that digital screens emit? Or is he looking for something that will “heal” the eye strain he experience while looking at the computer screen?

The truth about Computer Glasses

The purpose of most computer glasses is to protect the eye from the blue light most digital screens emit. The theory is, this harmful blue light can cause several symptoms especially if someone sit in front of the computer or TV for extended number of hours. This is especially true for gamers and for employees who mostly work in front of computers. If you have felt neck pain, dry eyes, headaches and red eyes, you may probably be suffering from eye strain. To address this, you have multiple options to try one of which is the utilization of computer glasses.

What makes computer glasses different from conventional glasses?

Computer glasses are designed and built to help the eyes see the screen better. It enhances how the image is projected on the screen and seen by the eyes. Through its several coatings (depending on the manufacturer and the purpose of the eyeglasses). The glasses may have several different types of coatings.

One of the most common computer glasses coatings include anti reflective coating which further protects the eyes from harmful light spectrum that the computer emits which can reduce or even hurt the natural functions of the eyes.


How Can Computer Glasses Assist in Preventing Eye Strains

For the past few years, many individuals in several line of work started using computers to aid them in completing their tasks more effectively and efficiently. Today, many individuals use their computers on a daily basis, making it one of the most needed equipment in completing projects and tasks in modern world. However helpful, many of us who use computers daily unknowingly punish our eyes from looking at the computer screen for a very long time. Just like reading for many hours, looking at the computer screen for extended hours can cause nearsightedness and eyesight deterioration. Many studies have pointed out the connection between computing and eyesight deterioration, but is there anything that many of us can do to limit the risk of damaging our eyesight for looking at the computer screen or TV screen for extended hours?

computer glasses by Gunnars

Computer Lenses and Visual Fatigue

Many computer glasses manufacturer points out that wearing protective computer eyeglasses minimize the risks of damaging our eyesight. The question here is, is it true? Can computer lenses really help in minimizing the risks of damaging our visual acuity?

In one of their blog posts, Gunnars, a review mentioned that Gunnar Optiks glasses, especially those prescription ones help in reducing eyestrain and eye fatigue. True enough by creating the perfect “environment” for the eyes, eye fatigue and eye strain is reduced. This is done through a technology that allows the eyes to look at the objects in a certain color spectrum while filtering out the unnecessary light that causes eyestrain. In many Gunnar Optiks reviews, many have pointed out the importance of these technologies in reducing eyestrain and visual fatigue.

If you are suffering from visual acuity problems and still have to look at your screen monitor for a long time, it is advisable that you use a separate prescription computer lenses that reduce the glare coming from the computer screen. Above are just some of these prescription eyeglasses that you can choose from.

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