Prescription Computer Lenses

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In this day and age, almost everyone uses their computers for several purposes. Some of us use our computers to work, communicate, play games and research. With whatever purpose we use this technology, one thing is for sure: we can’t live without it and no matter what repercussions it may bring. If you have been suffering from visual acuity problems and you use the computer which only worsens your vision over time, do not fret. There is a solution. Through the advance ergonomic technologies available today, prescription computer glasses are now available for individuals like you. These type of eyewear are manufactured to enhance and to protect your eyes and vision from the harmful radiation and blue light most computer screens emit.

Prescription Computer Eyewear, what’s the difference?

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Unlike conventional prescription glasses in the market today, prescription computer glasses serves several purposes. Just like normal prescription eyeglasses, it corrects your visual acuity problems that are brought by the wrong light convection in the retina and cornea. While doing this, your prescription computer lenses also protects your eyes from the significant damage prolonged computer use may bring. Some of these are symptoms like Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and eye fatigue. If you are experiencing constant headaches due to the fact that you stare at your computer screen for long hours, then the correct solution is computer glasses. Aside from the fact that these glasses protect your eyes, it also enhance your visual performance. This is done by altering the way you see images through its tinted lenses. These lenses are coated in both sides with anti glare that deflects harsh lights and its yellow tint enhance the contrast of the images as they appear on the screen.

Common Refraction Errors Solved with Prescription Computer Lenses

gunnar prescription lenses

There are several refraction and visual acuity errors computer glasses can solve, but before this, you will have to visit your ophthalmologist to be diagnosed for refraction errors. If you already know your “grade”, you are then able to order your personalized computer eyewear. Some of the most common refraction errors prescription computer glasses address are nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. If you suffer from any of these, you will definitely benefit from wearing your very own computer eyewear.

Common brands of computer eyewear

Here at Computer Lenses, we offer the best computer eyewear in the market today. These brands are very popular and well known to have used cutting edge technology in developing world class, highly effective lenses that do not only address refraction errors but also address CVS symptoms as well.

We offer prescription glasses by Gunnars and prescription computer lenses by Essilor. Gunnars Optiks uses technologies like i-AMP which features several coating features like crystalline and amber. While Essilor offer lenses with visual-fatigue solutions technology that features the usage of different coating and light deflectors depending on usage and the lifestyle of the wearer.

These manufacturers have become a significant name in the eyeglasses field for their contributions and technology that address computer related visual problems in the past few years.