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We all know that looking at the computer screen for a prolonged period of time can damage and jeopardize our visual acuity. In a study conducted by several health organizations, it was found out that at least 90% of the individuals who use their computers for 3 hours or more daily experience what is called Computer Vision Syndrome. Computer Vision Syndrome is characterized by several symptoms including double vision, dry eyes, teary eyes and constant headaches. This is why, it is very advisable for everyone who use computers, televisions, tablets and smartphones to wear computer eyewear to protect their eyes from the harsh effects of the blue light being emitted by computer screens.

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computer lenses reviews

Our mission is very simple, this website is intended to help those individuals looking for the best priced, high quality computer eyewear available in the market today. However, we feel that providing deals and coupons for discounts are not enough to assist our readers. This is the primary reason why we built this page.

This webpage is dedicated to provide relevant computer glasses reviews which scrutinize each and every computer lenses being sold in the market today. Our goal is to help all individuals who are looking for honest, unbiased, and highly informative computer eyewear reviews which makes their decision making much easier. Our reviews are based on credible proofs that were available to us during the time each reviews are being written, we aim to clarify the claims of each and every computer lenses makers.

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